Saturday, March 22, 2008

Easter Bunny

So here's what happened with the easter bunny pictures. When we got there, it never occured to me that Oooju would cry because of the bunny. But a bunch of kids were crying and I don't blame them. Hazel knew all about babies crying because of Lucas's past experience with Santa, so she sat in on the picture and that calmed Lucas down. But even with me sitting with Oooju, he kept staring at the freaky retarded easter bunny and kept crying. I just kept thinking that it took so much time to get ready and get to the damn mall so I didn't want to waste this opportunity and I was going to get a good picture. So I told the easter bunny to get out of the picture. It worked out really well. Except Oooju looks kind of pissed off at this point.

Luckily, we took our own pictures:

These are from Easter Sunday. We took the baby to church.


Jane said...

he looks so cute - they both do! but that bunny looks kinda scary!

Anonymous said...

this is the cutest picture of oooju period!

i miss him

and u guyz too


vex said...

RE: that picture of Oooju on the bench by himself - you think he looks pissed off there? He's gonna' hate you for that when he's 15 or 16...

It did turn out well, though.