Friday, April 4, 2008


Last weekend, we took the baby to BCAM at LACMA. Unfortunately, we couldn't take too many pictures. Actually, they wouldn't let us take any pictures. That's too bad because I really wanted to get one of Oooju in front of Koons's blue balloon dog.

However, I got a video of Oooju crawling inside one the the Richard Sera works.

We thought we could take a picture in front of the fire truck outside but right here, the security guard is trying to stop us from taking a picture.

But besides the problems with the pictures, we had a great time. Oooju loved the art work. I think contemporary art appeals to babies because everything looks so cartoonish. The baby responds really well to the bright colors and big prints.


Anonymous said...

Did the security guard give any reason? I understand no flash, but no pictures at all? For some reason, perhaps irrational - I find that rather upsetting. Hope Oooju had fun anyways.


Anonymous said...

Art fags :)