Saturday, February 16, 2008

Oooju and Lucas

So here are some pictures from our playdate a while ago. They're both taking turns on the airplane thingy we got Lucas for his first birthday. It's really cute. I'm probably going to have to buy Oooju one too.

Oooju is a Hip Hop Head

Monday, February 11, 2008

San Francisco

So saturday after our garage sale, Nate and I went to San Francisco sans baby to visit our friend Roberto. He's there on a one year fellowship for some california public policy institute. Anyways, we were going to be there for only 28 hours so we packed in as much stuff as possible. It was so fun. It was great seeing Roberto again just hanging out drinking and talking like the good old days back in Verano.

So we hung out on Hayes by the Symphony Hall and Roberto actually tried some absinthe. It tasted like Ouzo. Who would have guessed. Well, according to Roberto, that shit's pretty potent. It had him seeing double for a while which sucks because afterwards, we went to the symphony and I'm not sure he was really into it. We ran into our friend Gary's gay buddies at the symphony. It was a really great program. Ligiti and Bartok. We left during intermission so we didnt' here Shostakovich.

Later, we went to the Castro and munched on some pizza before drinking more at the Mix bar. As we were heading for the cable car stop, we passed by Twin Peaks and inside, there was Amy Tan (or so I thought). I got Nate to scream into the bar "AMY" to see if she would respond, but instead, everyone else screamed back. We met some cool kids from Pusan, South Korea waiting for the cable car to arrive.

We were staying a some crappy hotel The Monarch. Don't ever stay there. Its in the tenderloin. I really diddn't have a good stay there. At 3 in the morning, I woke up because of loud noises. I could hear a bed squeeking and some woman sceeming "Do That" and some guy moaning like he was retarded. Anyways, I couldn't go back to sleep so I kept peeping out the door because I thought the cops had come, but it turns out the woman was a hooker and as she was leaving the guy's room, I could hear him say to her "thanks, I'll never forget you." On top of that, there were bed bugs and Nate got some bites on his leg.

Anyways, when I woke up in the morning for coffee I saw people still coming in and out of the Element Lounge across the street. So I woke up Nate and we decided to check it out at 8:30 in the morning. I thought they were still open from the night before. But it turned out to be an after hours lounge from 6am-2pm. Both Nate and I were so happy we found this place. How come we've never been to an after hours party. I guess we had it all wrong. It's really not a place you want to go after partying all night long. It's really a great place for people who wake up early and want to party. Everyone looked well rested except this one dirty bitch who looked so tore up. But, we just drank and danced all morning till about 12. It was so much fun. It was someone's birthday and they even gave us some cake.

Earlier in the week, I was watching the Battle for Algiers and there's a scene in the film where a group of young people are drinking and dancing in a bar in the middle of the day, before they all get blasted. Anyways, it had me thinking how come there's no place to go in the afternoon to drink and dance and just have a relaxing good time. I can't believe I actually found a place. Nate and I are always wondering why people feel like they can't party till 10:30 at night. And as parents, this may be the best way to go out and get that party/club vibe. It's probably a lot easier to get someone to babysit from 9am to 2pm rather than 9pm to 2am.

Anyways, an even better way is to bring your baby along. I guess that's the idea behind Baby Disco. I hope to go to next month's party.

I'll post the pictures later.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

razzle dazzle em

Super Tuesday: Hillary or Celery?

My mom of all people actually started a political discussion at dinner the other night. She was curious who we were going to vote for in the primaries today. So we told her we were voting for Obama. She didn't like it. She said if she could vote, she would vote for McCain (thank god she's not a citizen). So I told her my dad who is a citizen is voting for Hillary. She got angry wondering why does Hillary want to be president when her husband was already president for 8 years. She thought Hillary should be happy with that. Obviously, my mom is pretty politically and socially conservative. Anyways, when my dad came to the dinner table, my mom said to him: "So you're gonna vote for Hillary." My dad's response: "What do you want--Celery?" I laughed so hard as that short exchange between my mom and dad explained so much about my life and their life as immigrants in America.

After the laughter died down, we asked my dad, why hillary and not obama. And to that he actually had an answer. He explained that if we vote for Obama and he wins, someone will assinate him. And to protect his life, my dad's decided to vote for Hillary. He gave historical examples of Kennedy and MLK and said that their untimely deaths were a direct result of racial politics in America. I was impressed. He even went on to say that there are still people in America who would kill someone because of their race. I secretly wondered: are you one of them dad? But no matter which way you look at it, he's not voting for Obama because he's black.

But I hope Obama wins not because he's black, but because I don't think anywhere in this world (I'm only guessing here because I haven't really done a fact check yet), an ethnic minority has ever won legitimately a position of such high power. It would be nice for America to be the first. Obviously, it's already too late for us to be the first to elect a women president. Oh and the most important reason, I agree with Obama's politics.

Super Bowl Sunday

So, Roger had a "SuperBowlJumpOffPotLuck" at his "bachelor pad" in the valley. I haven't been in an apartment like that in year. It had typical bachelor pad decor:
giant flat screen tv
bottles of alcohol
bare white walls
mugs stolen from work

Anyways here are the details of the party.

The Potluck:
Carne Asada
Grilled Chicken
Hot Wings
Taco Salad
Plain ol' Salad***
Some crazy california role caserole
Cake and ice cream
lots of alcohol

***As for Jane's Plain Ol Salad, I don't think anyone even touched it. By the end of the night, there was a huge kitchen knife stuck through the salad. Later on, I heard she dropped like half of it trying to carry it back to her car.

The Bets: Who won what
Jane: won $75 from our pool (it's always the girl who don't know anything about football that wins)
Roger: won $25 (If the Giants hadn't scored their last touchdown, he would have won $200. Sorry dude).
Tubba: won $100 from his work pool (this will help pay for our SF trip)
Me: I won $5 for the Giants to win against Swain's Patriots and 10 "Karen is my master" jumping jacks from Randell
Swain: $10 for rock, paper, scissors (from me and Grace) but then lost to Nate

As for the rest of you that didn't win shit, all I have to say is: you guys should have never jumped on the Patriots bandwagon. Booty-Hooty!

Anyways, the SBJOPL was a hit. Can't wait for next year's.