Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Super Bowl Sunday

So, Roger had a "SuperBowlJumpOffPotLuck" at his "bachelor pad" in the valley. I haven't been in an apartment like that in year. It had typical bachelor pad decor:
giant flat screen tv
bottles of alcohol
bare white walls
mugs stolen from work

Anyways here are the details of the party.

The Potluck:
Carne Asada
Grilled Chicken
Hot Wings
Taco Salad
Plain ol' Salad***
Some crazy california role caserole
Cake and ice cream
lots of alcohol

***As for Jane's Plain Ol Salad, I don't think anyone even touched it. By the end of the night, there was a huge kitchen knife stuck through the salad. Later on, I heard she dropped like half of it trying to carry it back to her car.

The Bets: Who won what
Jane: won $75 from our pool (it's always the girl who don't know anything about football that wins)
Roger: won $25 (If the Giants hadn't scored their last touchdown, he would have won $200. Sorry dude).
Tubba: won $100 from his work pool (this will help pay for our SF trip)
Me: I won $5 for the Giants to win against Swain's Patriots and 10 "Karen is my master" jumping jacks from Randell
Swain: $10 for rock, paper, scissors (from me and Grace) but then lost to Nate

As for the rest of you that didn't win shit, all I have to say is: you guys should have never jumped on the Patriots bandwagon. Booty-Hooty!

Anyways, the SBJOPL was a hit. Can't wait for next year's.


Jane said...

o man, i gotta send you the picture of my "salad murder". i'll have to have grace do all this high-tech uploading! all i gotta say is this: my bowels were fine and dandy!

Karen said...

jane, you and your goddamn salad and your goddamn stinky bowels can stay at home next super bowl.

Jane said...

man, i'm just now reading this excerpt! whateva - you just made that i took your money! ha ha ha!