Monday, January 28, 2008

Oooju Eats Korean Snack For the First Time!

...And he loves it! Since I'm already up late posting, I decided to include another first video clip. Here, he's eating what Koreans call BBung tee-kee. It's really good. I think Oooju looks very Korean to me in this video clip. Maybe it's because he's eating a Korean snack. According to one of Nate's students, Oooju looks like a white baby, but cries like a Korean baby.

I guess a lot has been happening in Oooju's life lately. He's eating more solids everyday. He loves sweet potatoes, pears, bananas, and apples. He's not too fond of apricots and other mixed fruit combos. He definitely hates carrots, green peas and avocados. I also gave him a little fish the other day. I'm not sure if he liked it or not.


Jane said...

yea, i agree with you - he does look a lil more korean in this one. dude, he's piggin out with the bbung-tee-kee!! i think it's funny how he always seems to respond to your dad; interesting. as you introduce new foods to duff, make sure to space them out. for instance, if you're introducing carrots, let him adjust for a few days before introducing the next set of foods. that way, if he develops any allergies/ill side effects to the foods, you'll know which one is the culprit. also, some literature says to introduce fruits before the veges, but i'd introduce the veges first b/c the sweetest of the fruits may curb his appetite/taste for the more healthier veges. anywho - i'm sure you already know this, but just a friendly reminder ;)

Jane said...

oops, typo, my bad! i meant to say "sweetNESS of the fruit", NOT "sweetest of the fruit" (4th line from bottom).

Jane said...

know what? he looks like he has like a mane or a mr. t hairstyle b/c the middle of his hair is the darkest and most visible part of his head!

Karen said...

dude, did you feel the need to leave three comments because you felt bad that Jonathan had to tell you Oooju could crawl. for shame. anyways, Jonathan, if you're reading this comment, thanks.

oh, and as for the mane thing, nate thinks he looks like chuck liddel the UFC guy. so messed up.

Judy said...

i'll have to agree with your friend. he still looks to me like a white baby, but cries like a korean baby.
can't explain exactly why.

Jane said...

man, whateva! duff loves auntie jane. "ja-en" will be his first word; i'm sayin! and on the 9th we're gonna bond s'more.

Anonymous said...

thats terrific. a born drinker. dont let him have any alcohol yet, the reason being that if he gets a chance to get his buzz on he will reject other beverages he needs to be introduced cow milk, and then fanta.

i just learned that i didnt talk until i was three. my mom says i said mama but my insists i said "no." An emphatic no meant no, but a gentle no meant yes. the told me some other stuff that pretty convincingly indicates i am a highly functional retard and not the low functioning adult we all supposed.
My day has been very unfortunate. My parents are remodeling some bullshit and the plumber came upstairs, like weasil, and larry set up on him. the guy hollered even before the teeth were in--he shouted like a horde of zombies were closing in--what fucking pussy, right? anyway, shit is real and there is talk of euthanasia. the dog nipped the guy, he didnt bite into him. he got a bruise and he wants to know if the dog has all his shots. motherfucker is in construction, why cant he take it like a man? but really, i am worried about the outcome. mom is labeling him as dangerous when in fact he is not. he would hurt a fly, but with people, he just pinches them and moves on. fuck...i dont feel like finishing this letter--which is a letter and really not a comment. cause its easier than an email, or not actually. next time i'll email. i'm happy oojoo crawls. and as far as the chucy lidell comparison, i honestly took him as an attractive guy, you know, to the ladies. whats that shit they peddle? zience or something. whens the last time you saw that at the gym? now i'm going to watch ultimate fighting on u-tube. never thought of that.

Karen said...

To Judy:
will your baby cry in german or korean? hmm, can't wait to see.

To Aaron:
No! Not Uncle Larry! How dare they. Anyway's your story is so funny and I think you should start your own blog. Nate already told his mom and now, I'm sure Sharon knows it too. you're famous!