Thursday, January 3, 2008

Grandma's Gone to Korea

Well, the day we got back from Vegas, my mom went off to Korea. My cousin Sooin is getting married to some guy named Stanley. I guess his nickname is Shrek, and my other cousin jokes that they look like Shrek and Princess Fiona. Anyways, she paid for my mom's ticket so she can make it to the wedding which is nice since my parents have given so much to her and her other siblings.

So, with my mom gone, it's been kind of lonely around the house. My sister's here visting from Houston and Aaron's visiting from Maryland (I'll write more about their visits later on) but it's still not the same without her. Usually, every morning when I bring Oooju down so we can sleep a bit longer, she sings him this Jesus song except it's in korean and goes something like this: yesu neem, yesu neem, OOOJU jik-kiyu joo sae yo... Jesus, Jesus, please look after OOOJU. Ever since the baby was born, my mom adds Oooju's name to every song. It took her a while to work it out and in the beginning, she would sometimes slip up and say the original lyrics. But now, there's no more singing.

My dad's really missing her, as she's become like his only friend. For a while his old buddy "Magic Man" was coming around to fix a door in our room, but he's really flakey because he get's drunk and can't wake up in the morning to make it out over here. When we were really litte, Magic Man would come around and do magic tricks for us. Since then, we've only known him as "Magic Man."

With her gone, I realize I have very little pictures of her on the blog. Which is a shame as she's the one that takes care of Oooju most of the day. So here's a picture I found of the two of them. It must be a couple days before his baptism.


Judy said...

oh you're mom is so sweet. you should sing the same song to oooju in the mean time.

Jane said...

do you notice any differences with Duff since kun-um-ma is gone? i agree with your friend judy; sing him the song. of course, we know it wouldn't be with the same God-fearing heart as your mother's! ha!