Wednesday, June 18, 2008


So Oooju's big sickness this year was Roseola or baby measles. We had no idea what it was. It starts as a fever and here, you can see how miserable poor Buckyball is. His fever went up to 104 and lasted 4 days.

Once the fever breaks, the virus is expelled from the body through a rash. However, we never took a picture of this. Fortunately, I found this picture while doing research. It might as well be Oooju. We fooled my mom. She was so confused as to how his picture ended up on some medical website.

some pictures


At Disneyland:

More Random:

Pictures in his Hanboke

So my aunt in Korea sent us a cute little hanboke(traditional korean clothes) for Oooju's dol (one year birthday). We went to Sears to take these pictures. Oooju is not a smiley baby. I tried to explain that to the lady, but she kept fanning something in his face to get him to smile. He just kept staring at her.

Here's what I call the classic OOoju face where he looks confused and stunned:

Here's Oooju with some dingy bear that ended up looking good in black and white:

Here's Oooju the way I see him, in his natural pose:

Here's Oooju smiling. The fanning didn't work. The only way I could get him to smile was by singing this clapping song. But then, he'd see the lady and instantly stop smiling. what a freak:

And here's my little Oooju guy standing next to the number 1:

Back Again

After a grueling quarter, I finally have some time to blog again. Oooju's almost a year old. Two more days. We'll have a big party for him on Saturday and I'll definitely post pictures from the party, but here are some videos that were taken recently. I can't believe how big he's gotten.