Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Pictures in his Hanboke

So my aunt in Korea sent us a cute little hanboke(traditional korean clothes) for Oooju's dol (one year birthday). We went to Sears to take these pictures. Oooju is not a smiley baby. I tried to explain that to the lady, but she kept fanning something in his face to get him to smile. He just kept staring at her.

Here's what I call the classic OOoju face where he looks confused and stunned:

Here's Oooju with some dingy bear that ended up looking good in black and white:

Here's Oooju the way I see him, in his natural pose:

Here's Oooju smiling. The fanning didn't work. The only way I could get him to smile was by singing this clapping song. But then, he'd see the lady and instantly stop smiling. what a freak:

And here's my little Oooju guy standing next to the number 1:


Jane said...

i'm so glad to see new pix up of my duffie poo-poo, or my lil cream puff duff ;) i realized that we never got to see him in his hanboke during the ddol, nor did we do that reach for the destiny gig . . . or did we???

Jane said...

dude, i gotta get me one of him in the hanboke. i think grace has a few pix from the ddol; ask her to send em to you.