Wednesday, June 18, 2008


So Oooju's big sickness this year was Roseola or baby measles. We had no idea what it was. It starts as a fever and here, you can see how miserable poor Buckyball is. His fever went up to 104 and lasted 4 days.

Once the fever breaks, the virus is expelled from the body through a rash. However, we never took a picture of this. Fortunately, I found this picture while doing research. It might as well be Oooju. We fooled my mom. She was so confused as to how his picture ended up on some medical website.


Carol said...

That does look like Oooju! I'm confused too. The day after we saw you guys, Wayne broke out in a rash and realized that the fever he had was roseola. Guess he never got that when he was 1. Oooju is lucky.

DNAeye said...

Yeah, that roseola shit can get fuckin' crazy if the fever gets to the brain and your baby wigs out in a seizure.

Anonymous said...

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