Saturday, March 22, 2008

Easter Bunny

So here's what happened with the easter bunny pictures. When we got there, it never occured to me that Oooju would cry because of the bunny. But a bunch of kids were crying and I don't blame them. Hazel knew all about babies crying because of Lucas's past experience with Santa, so she sat in on the picture and that calmed Lucas down. But even with me sitting with Oooju, he kept staring at the freaky retarded easter bunny and kept crying. I just kept thinking that it took so much time to get ready and get to the damn mall so I didn't want to waste this opportunity and I was going to get a good picture. So I told the easter bunny to get out of the picture. It worked out really well. Except Oooju looks kind of pissed off at this point.

Luckily, we took our own pictures:

These are from Easter Sunday. We took the baby to church.

MC Oooju

Saturday, March 15, 2008

The Park

As crazy as this may sound, today was the first time we took Oooju to the park. He's now almost 9months old. Sad. I know. But at least we finally made it. Anyways, he loved it. It's a park next to my parents' house. I was always afraid of going there because in high school, I had heard that the oil refineries near by dumped in the lake and it was toxic. But it's actually very beautiful. We all had such a great time. It felt so good to be out in a green space with water. Oooju and I went on the swings and the slides together. He especially loved the swing. But here he is doing what he does best--eating. Although this time, it's grass.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

More videos

for some reason, I can't post any pictures right now. So here are some videos of Oooju.

We were watching an episode of House. That's where the "bitchslap" and "ass kissing" comes from. It's a great show and I can't believe the things they can say on tv these days. In one episode, some poor baby dies and House tells one of his underlings to get his head out of the dead baby's ass. I love it. But back to the video clip, in the middle of it, he totally takes a shit, which we now call buckyball. That's only if it comes out round. If it's all flat, then we call it a buckyball pancake jr.

Here, Oooju's doing this crazy screaming thing. I don't even know how it started, but he does it everytime we feed him now.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Being funny

Before Oooju put everything in his mouth, he went through this short phase of putting things next to his head. I think it's so cute and funny.

Oooju plays guitar

Oooju loves this guitar and it's proven to be very versatile. He'll pluck at the strings, push it around like a tonka truck, sit on it, use it as a foot rest, a teether, a walker. I'm sure there are other uses we just haven't seen.

New Blog Name

The other day, Nate and I had to stop by the market on our way home from school and I realized how lately, all we ever buy at the store is beer and formula. So I've decided to change the name of the blog to reflect our new lives as parents who like to let loose once in a while.


so we had a couple of playdates which makes me so happy because I want Oooju to go out and explore.

Last Sunday, we got to meet Cole, Erica's new baby. Erica was a teacher at Nate's school and we became close bonding over our ups and downs of trying to conceive and our ambivilance about embracing motherhood.

Then later that day, we went to the Petros. Vanessa and Justin are probably the sweetest kids. They love Oooju so much and they're so nice to him. He really liked hanging out with them. We also got to play rock band which is awesome, way better than guitar hero. I just hate games where you have to wait and watch one person play at a time. But it's really hard playing with a baby on your arm. I should have gotten extra points or something.

Monday, we visited Jenny and Margot. Oooju was very interested in her socks. Jenny's mom showed me a picture of Jenny when she was 100days old and she looked just like Margot. But I think we decided that Margot had Martin's ears.

Then Friday, the Hongs came over and Oooju got to play with Yuna. She's a neat kid. She says all sorts of funny things. At one point, Oooju was crawling in front of her and she pointed to his butt and said in Korean: "eh-ki kundi" (baby butt). But towards the end of the night, I guess she was tired or something and she went crazy. Out of nowhere, she turned the bouncer over the way some drunk guy would turn a table over in a bar. And then she turned the airplane rider over and just bit into the wheel. After that, she just started balling. I guess she couldn't find the right words to express I'm tired. but we definitely all got the message.

Suyeon says that Dan taught Yuna all his dance moves. I really like the shoulder thing she does at the end. Very gangsta.

Playdates are great. watching little babies trying to interact is always fun.