Sunday, March 9, 2008


so we had a couple of playdates which makes me so happy because I want Oooju to go out and explore.

Last Sunday, we got to meet Cole, Erica's new baby. Erica was a teacher at Nate's school and we became close bonding over our ups and downs of trying to conceive and our ambivilance about embracing motherhood.

Then later that day, we went to the Petros. Vanessa and Justin are probably the sweetest kids. They love Oooju so much and they're so nice to him. He really liked hanging out with them. We also got to play rock band which is awesome, way better than guitar hero. I just hate games where you have to wait and watch one person play at a time. But it's really hard playing with a baby on your arm. I should have gotten extra points or something.

Monday, we visited Jenny and Margot. Oooju was very interested in her socks. Jenny's mom showed me a picture of Jenny when she was 100days old and she looked just like Margot. But I think we decided that Margot had Martin's ears.

Then Friday, the Hongs came over and Oooju got to play with Yuna. She's a neat kid. She says all sorts of funny things. At one point, Oooju was crawling in front of her and she pointed to his butt and said in Korean: "eh-ki kundi" (baby butt). But towards the end of the night, I guess she was tired or something and she went crazy. Out of nowhere, she turned the bouncer over the way some drunk guy would turn a table over in a bar. And then she turned the airplane rider over and just bit into the wheel. After that, she just started balling. I guess she couldn't find the right words to express I'm tired. but we definitely all got the message.

Suyeon says that Dan taught Yuna all his dance moves. I really like the shoulder thing she does at the end. Very gangsta.

Playdates are great. watching little babies trying to interact is always fun.


Jane said...

o that was cute! really cute!

DNAeye said...

Yeah, that was a fun playdate. I think that was the first time I saw Yuna actually play with a younger baby. She must have the hots for Ooju.