Saturday, March 15, 2008

The Park

As crazy as this may sound, today was the first time we took Oooju to the park. He's now almost 9months old. Sad. I know. But at least we finally made it. Anyways, he loved it. It's a park next to my parents' house. I was always afraid of going there because in high school, I had heard that the oil refineries near by dumped in the lake and it was toxic. But it's actually very beautiful. We all had such a great time. It felt so good to be out in a green space with water. Oooju and I went on the swings and the slides together. He especially loved the swing. But here he is doing what he does best--eating. Although this time, it's grass.


Jane said...

dude he is like hella grubbin!!

Anonymous said...

why is he wearing such a fobby hat

it looks like what the ha-rah-buh-gees wear when they go on the grand canyon tours