Thursday, December 10, 2009

Truck Fruck F**k

Just wait for the end. And btw, we did not teach Oooju how to say f**king. He just started mispronouncing truck on his own. What he thinks he's saying in part english and part korean is: Truck euhn neh-neh time (It's truck's night-night time).

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Black Friday 2009

this is how we spent our After Thanksgiving Day Sale/Shopping Day at Target. The two sat there playing with the christmas stuff for about 30 minutes.

Thanksgiving 2009

Like every year, we went down to Palm Desert to spend Thanksgiving with Nate's parents. This is Oooju's 3rd Thanksgiving, but this year was the first time we put him to work. He helped grandma make a vegetable jello. And he helped me baste the turkey. The turkey is usually my responsibility because Nate's mom is a vegetarian and would rather not have to rub a dead turkey all over.

It was a really fun and relaxing break. We went swimming after we put the turkey in the oven. We walked around the lake after dinner. And then, we went to the Living Desert to see the night time holiday Wildlights display. They have amazing model trains that run around what looks like a miniature version of the South west kind of along Route 66. Reminded me of the movie Cars which happens to be Oooju's favorite movie right now. When we passed by the teepee tent motel, I called it the Cozy Cone, and everyone around kind of laughed because they knew what I was talking about. But there really is something mesmerizing about model trains.

Although we spent most of our time watching the trains, we got to see some other light displays. Oh, and we got to take a picture with Santa. Oooju was not ready to sit on Santa's lap by himself. I don't blame him. So I was forced to sit on Santa's short little lap which was too small for my big butt.

Then Friday morning we took a paddle boat out on the lake. Now that Oooju's a little older, we can do so many more things.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Robert and Nuvia's Wedding

Last month we went to Robert and Nuvia's wedding. It was so much fun! Even the little ones had a great time. Oooju and Kennedy got along for the most part, except when Oooju pushed her. It's not that he's trying to be aggressive and violent--he just doesn't know how to express his excitement. It's kind of like when a puppy is so happy to see you, it'll jump on you.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Monday, September 28, 2009

Yaquina Head: Outstanding Natural Area

Walking In Newport

Oooju and I went to visit my friend Sachiko in Newport, Oregon. She just had twin girls! I wanted to help her out because it's a lot of work taking care of twins. But unfortunately, Nate couldn't go because he had to go back to work. But we talked a lot over the phone.

Oooju and I were visiting the farmer's market on a Saturday and here is Oooju taking a call from dada. In Korean baby talk, "gigi" means dirty or a dirty mess. He really liked saying this on our trip. And believe me, there was a lot of "gigi" to point out. Everyone has a freaking dog in Newport and they all go to the farmers market on Saturday. But not a lot people seem to care about picking up the dog poo.

Thursday, September 24, 2009


So I'll be posting my pictures and videos from oregon soon. Check back later. You won't be disappointed!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Nihao Kai Lan!

One of Oooju's favorite shows these days is Nihao Kai Lan! I think he's in love with her. But I don't blame him, she's awesome!

He also started singing one of the songs from the moon festival episode. afterwards, he says "hoho sad" because Hoho starts crying because he can't see the moon on the moon festival day.


Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Oooju and his food!

Oooju loves eating!

And if there's anything he loves more than eating, it would have to be watching videos of himself. Here he gets to do both at the same time! Like I wrote earlier, Oooju's been living the life.

Now For the Videos!

So most of these have been up on youtube.

Dance Party At Disneyland
Oooju used to have this strange fear of sparkling/shiny tiled floors. It would paralyze him literally and he could not walk on this type of flooring. So when we got to the tomorrow land terrace, he was a bit apprehensive at first about going onto the dance floor. So here, you can see he's getting a little more courage, tapping his toes and testing out the dance floor.

After a couple more tries, he just went for it!

More Dancing: With Lucas at Lucky Strike

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Summer is over!

It's been a crazy busy summer. But now, it's over. And I'm a little sad. As for Oooju, his life has been great! He went to the beach several times. Started bowling. Disneyland again. The long beach aquarium. Museums. And then, Oooju and I went to Oregon to visit my friend Sachiko who just had twin girls. Now Oooju's classes have started up again. So hopefully, this fall will be awesome.

I'm gonna start uploading pictures and videos here (Some videos are already on youtube). But it may take a while.