Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Thanksgiving 2009

Like every year, we went down to Palm Desert to spend Thanksgiving with Nate's parents. This is Oooju's 3rd Thanksgiving, but this year was the first time we put him to work. He helped grandma make a vegetable jello. And he helped me baste the turkey. The turkey is usually my responsibility because Nate's mom is a vegetarian and would rather not have to rub a dead turkey all over.

It was a really fun and relaxing break. We went swimming after we put the turkey in the oven. We walked around the lake after dinner. And then, we went to the Living Desert to see the night time holiday Wildlights display. They have amazing model trains that run around what looks like a miniature version of the South west kind of along Route 66. Reminded me of the movie Cars which happens to be Oooju's favorite movie right now. When we passed by the teepee tent motel, I called it the Cozy Cone, and everyone around kind of laughed because they knew what I was talking about. But there really is something mesmerizing about model trains.

Although we spent most of our time watching the trains, we got to see some other light displays. Oh, and we got to take a picture with Santa. Oooju was not ready to sit on Santa's lap by himself. I don't blame him. So I was forced to sit on Santa's short little lap which was too small for my big butt.

Then Friday morning we took a paddle boat out on the lake. Now that Oooju's a little older, we can do so many more things.


Anonymous said...

hahaha Santa's tiny little lap looks pretty small for your butt Karen!! i'm just kidding!
it was my job to rub a turkey !
i gave it a gentle massage 5 years ago....do u remember that?
Nate's mom still looks healthy!
im so happy for her! please tell her i miss her and i'll never forget the Thanksgiving that i spent with her

Jane said...

are you sure santa didn't have a lil surprise for you in his pocket ;) anywho - sounds like y'all had a lotta fun! i'm so jealous that y'all went swimmin! didn't know robinson hal-muh-ne was a vegetarian. is al?

Karen said...

Jihyun! You were an excellent turkey massager! we always talk about you every thanksgiving. hopefully some day soon, we can massage another turkey together! that sounds kind of perverted. haha.

Karen said...

Jane, i think he might have. he was too enthusiastic about me sitting on his lap. gross! anyways, how did a post on turkey and santa end up so nasty!

Jenny said...

margot's scared of santa too!!

you guys looked like you had a lot of fun. we need to go look at xmas lights one of these days.

what's vegetable jello?

Karen said...

Jenny, you know how there's jello with chunks of fruit in it, well this jello we made has shredded carrots and cabbage in a lime flavored jello. it was a lot more fun to make it. the vegies were too crunchy.

grace said...

you should take oooju to christmas tree lane or whatever out here in pasadena. its kinda a couple thing, but i think oooju would love it

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