Monday, November 24, 2008


Our Oooju guy loves him some bbung-tee-kee. It was kind of hard finding him some in Korea. While we were driving to our friend Eric's house, a guy was selling some at a stop light. When we got to the apartment and opened it up, Oooju went crazy. Think Cookie Monstor crazy. Needless to say, Oooju really enjoyed his fix.

With Cousins

Summer Fun
Oooju and Yuna Get their Groove on

Oooju and Lucas

Messing around

This election, Oooju got a little political. Well, my whole family did, especially my mom about Prop 8. Somehow, a guy was walking around our neighborhood passing out Yes on Prop 8 signs. She asked him for one to put on our front lawn even though she's not a citizen and can't even vote. So, Nate got a No on Prop 8 sign from one of his students. On Halloween, it confused the hell out of the trick or treaters. But the next morning, both signs were missing. My mom insists that Oooju was Yes on Prop 8. I had to tell her Oooju loves everyone so that means he is No on Prop 8.


While we were waiting in line for the Teacups ride, we saw Howie Mandel and his kid's possee of Brentwood brats cutting in front of everyone. They really don't deserve special treatment. Anyways, this is the best picture Nate could take without looking too consipcuous.


This was the first time for me and Oooju to go to a UCLA football game. I think everyone enjoyed the tailgating much more than the game. The highlight of the day was when Oooju spelled out his own name in the sand.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Sunday, November 2, 2008

3 Days of Halloween Fun!

Oct 30
So on Thursday, we had a halloween party and parade in Oooju's music class. Everyone was so cute. They all stared at each other with this look like something was different but they couldn't quite put their finger on it.

For the parade, we passed by the preschool kids. They were really excited to see all the babies in their costumes. Halloween has become really special now that we have Oooju. I guess I never really liked Halloween all that much. I don't like the scary aspect of it. Dressing up could be fun but I'm too lazy to get creative and dress up myself. And I never got why some chicks think Halloween's about dressing up as slutty as you can. And I really don't need an excuse to drink and party. So I never thought that Halloween could be so fun and so cute! Having kids really makes you appreciate so many things in a new way.

Oct 31
On Halloween, we went trick-o-treating around our neighborhood. Oooju's pretty popular around here. Everyone was excited to see him in his costume. He only cried once at this kid in a freaky bloody clown mask. I nearly cried myself. But here we are at the beginning of the evening. We only went around to less than 10 houses. But the most exciting part was hanging out on our front porch and passing out candy. Oooju had such a great time.

Nov 1
On Saturday, we went to Disneyland with Nate's parents. It was so fun! We didn't go on too many rides, but he braved the "It's hard to be a Bug" show and the Haunted Mansion. We went on the Tea Cups where we saw Howie Mandel. We also took the raft over to Tom Sawyer's Island. And we went on the Buzz Lightyear ride. Here's Oooju getting his boogie on in New Orleans Square.

Here, Oooju's running around Tom Sawyer's Island.