Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Super Tuesday: Hillary or Celery?

My mom of all people actually started a political discussion at dinner the other night. She was curious who we were going to vote for in the primaries today. So we told her we were voting for Obama. She didn't like it. She said if she could vote, she would vote for McCain (thank god she's not a citizen). So I told her my dad who is a citizen is voting for Hillary. She got angry wondering why does Hillary want to be president when her husband was already president for 8 years. She thought Hillary should be happy with that. Obviously, my mom is pretty politically and socially conservative. Anyways, when my dad came to the dinner table, my mom said to him: "So you're gonna vote for Hillary." My dad's response: "What do you want--Celery?" I laughed so hard as that short exchange between my mom and dad explained so much about my life and their life as immigrants in America.

After the laughter died down, we asked my dad, why hillary and not obama. And to that he actually had an answer. He explained that if we vote for Obama and he wins, someone will assinate him. And to protect his life, my dad's decided to vote for Hillary. He gave historical examples of Kennedy and MLK and said that their untimely deaths were a direct result of racial politics in America. I was impressed. He even went on to say that there are still people in America who would kill someone because of their race. I secretly wondered: are you one of them dad? But no matter which way you look at it, he's not voting for Obama because he's black.

But I hope Obama wins not because he's black, but because I don't think anywhere in this world (I'm only guessing here because I haven't really done a fact check yet), an ethnic minority has ever won legitimately a position of such high power. It would be nice for America to be the first. Obviously, it's already too late for us to be the first to elect a women president. Oh and the most important reason, I agree with Obama's politics.


Jane said...

great story. this is something that should be entered in someone's book on immigrant life. sad thing is, your dad has some validity to his statement. nonetheless . . . yes we can!

Karen said...

dude, it's: si se puede! Yes we can is not going to get the Hispanic vote!