Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Super Bowl at the Petros

For this year's super bowl, we went to Kevin's parents house for their big party. Lots of coors light (Kev's dad is the one who introduced us to the cl smooth)and good food. It was also special because Oooju got to hang out with Vanessa again. She's so sweet. She just adores both me and Oooju. She's actually the one that took the picture of oooju and me.


Jane said...

dude, i remember kevin's daughter! she's also so big now! wow! doesn't he have another kid?

karen said...

their son is really shy. he doesn't like other people. it takes 2 hours for him to finally play with us when we go over. but vanessa is amazing. last time we hung out, she said to me I was her bestfriend. I told her the same. then later she asked if it was ok to have two other bestfriends at school. what a cutie.

nicky said...

oh, i remember that PRADA shades, hehe.