Wednesday, March 4, 2009

rock band!


Anonymous said...

Karen! i was kind of worried about your family! you hadn't updated your blog quite a long time so i thought something might have happened to you. but now that i see these pics i'm kind of relieved! thank God!!!!!!!!

i saw Oooju playing the drum with my grandma and she was so surprised by his musical talent!
i miss you guys so much!

it's been 3 months since i started working as an English teacher!
and i'm happy to say that i really enjoy teaching and being around kids! They are very funny, enthusiastic and polite!

now i know why Nathen loves his students so much!
i hope to keep enjoying this job until i find my new plan and challenge in my life!

i miss you so much!
just remember that i always check your blog on a daily basis to get closer emotionally to you guys!
and please post nath's and your pics as many as possible. i miss you and nath as much as i miss Oooju!

Karen said...

Ji-hyn, you're the best. i look forward to your comments everyday. please make your own blog so we can get our "jeon". get a facebook account or something. nobody in the rest of this world uses cyworld. get hip to the new global medium of communication. stop being a korean nationalist.

Grace said...

i see this video is pre-marker scribble on the drums (=