Tuesday, March 3, 2009


we went to lacma this past weekend. we were hanging out in front by the lampposts for a while. That's where I took this picture of him. Then,someone wanted to take a picture of oooju but oooju just flipped out. he started screaming and snearing at the poor girl. it was kind of freaky. on the other hand, kenney was happy to pose for her. she smiled and was so sweet. what is happening to our little oooju guy?

Onto more interesting news: I think Oooju's favorite artist is turning out to be Jeff Koons. He loves the ballon dog, the inflatable toys, he even likes the lobster picture with the naked girl. he had fun point out her butt. But his favorite piece this time was jeff koons steel and bourbon train. he was mesmerized. we looked at it for a good 5 minutes. we stood in front, walked around it. I was so sad because oooju just wanted to play with it but the museum lady was right ther watching us. nate commented that it was probably the most expensive train model oooju will ever see. he was not kidding. one sold for $5.5 million. what is wrong with people.

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