Monday, December 3, 2007

Birthday Weekend

At the Redcat Lounge:

Iwei doen't look impressed with Robert, but Nuvia's loving it.

Me and Cathy

Nate and me

Grace, Nuvia, and Jane: They practice their poses at home before going out

Rosie and Danial

We took over the lounge at Redcat and it felt like a private party! Thanks for coming everyone. I had so much fun!

Degenerate Art Ensemble:

Unfortunately, everyone bailed and didn't stay for the show,except my cousins and Cathy. But they really didn't have a choice since we carpooled. Luckily, Cathy got a free ticket because it was sold out. That's right haters, you missed an awesome show.

After Party at El Gallitos Taco Truck:

Best taco truck in the world! It's pretty much a taco truck in a parking lot and people order and stand around and eat. Jane busted out her spanish and impressed everyone. Grace got tripas tacos. I think I'm gonna have to try that next time.


Jane said...

hey, un-nee! thanks mucho for inviting me to your bday celebration. it was hella fun... absolutely luv da bar there! can't wait til the next bday celebration ;) vegas, ba-bee! hope you enjoyed the sunday show y'all went to.

Judy said...

oh, happy birthday!
btw, how old are you?

DNAeye said...

Didn't think such a little bar/cafe could get one drunk. But I guess a couple beers and some tequila on an empty stomach can do that. Hope the show was as much fun.

Karen said...

wow, it's great how all i need to do is post a topic and people comment. maybe i don't need to post any more pictures or stories. you guys can just comment and fill in the details.

Jane said...

i think nuvia, grace and i look H-O-T HOT! holla!