Tuesday, November 27, 2007


I don't know if it's me or what but keeping up this blog is a lot of work. I need to learn some shortcuts or something because it's kind of exhausting to me. Maybe I'm just retarded or something, but I need some tips. I have so many pictures I want to post with little cute stories to go with them. But they'll have to wait.

You know, I'm supposed to be writing my dissertation proposal right now, but here I am wasting time again. Btw, I'm defending my proposal on Dec 14. So I'm a little stressed out lately. But after the 14th, I think I'll be a different person.

Wish me luck!


Judy said...

well,you should just choose 2 days of the week to post something and not feel you need to do it everyday. besides, its good to take some breaks from work.

good luck with your dissertation!

Karen said...

thanks, very good advice. but, it still takes me forever to do anything.

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