Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Wii would like to buy!

Dude, why are the Wii consoles so hard to find. I've been on a crazy hunt for one and I guess I'm not the only one. There are a bunch of moms and dads out there lurking around Gamestops for the UPS guy to show up with the day's shipment hoping to God that there are some Wiis in the shipment.

After calling around and waiting at two stores, unfortunately, I did not get a Wii. On the bright side, I did learn some interesting stuff. Like Nitendo's been a company since 1889. The guy at Gamestop said they started off making majong tiles, but he was wrong. What a weinerdog. Anyways, according to wikipedia, they started off making go-stop cards. They also ran a love motel and a taxi company before settling on video games.

I also learned that moms and dads know more about video games than I had thought. However, their knowledge is a bit superficial and you don't know how many times I heard some middle-aged woman walk into gamestop and ask if they had "that guitar thing."

Then, I learned that Target has a bunch of Wiis in their warehouse waiting for Sunday when they put out their ads. What a bunch of losers. So this Sunday, at the big major retailers like Target, Walmart, Bestbuy, they're going to be put out, because that's when Gamestop won't be getting any shipments at all. This is all according to the guy at Gamestop who thinks the world revolves around them. Also, at bestbuy, I guess you get a ticket. But I heard at Target, it's a free for all with people running through the store to get to the electronics department. I may have to do some reconnaissance work before this Sunday.

Anyways, I'll be back at Gamestop tomorrow. Wish Mii luck. Hopefully, I'll have one by Saturday for the game portion of my party, otherwise, you know where I'll be on Sunday morning.


yacub son said...

karen! 50cc,100cc,200cc--how many cc's? its 400 cc's. or cc, prease. is that like the korean forty?
anyhow, cool site. i see that all your real friends get mudduck footage, and bonus material.
how'd your dissertation defense go? i am pretty sure it went fine. it did?
saw an article in the style section of washington post making mention of the wii (which continues to elude you?) turns out that demand may surge yet: the elderly think its a hoot; find them useful for getting their daily excercise; and then there is the mental stimulation; and fun. Introdice the silver bullet, and nursing homes are as enriching as college life. Especially if, like me, you never saw no pussy no how.
About the ticket--it isnt resolved. what are you doing this summer?

yacub son AKA gargl hassan AKA it was a good day said...

and i love you.

Jane said...

yea, un-nee - i think you may have to give up the fight. the folks at the pasadena gamestop are definitely getting to know me better.

Judy said...

are the wiis in germany the same as the wiis in the states? i think they're relatively easy to purchase here.