Monday, September 17, 2007

Tubba and Oooju

Very first picture together: 2 and a half minutes after Duff was born. The nurses made Nate pose with the baby.

At my parents' house: Soon to be our house as well. Look at how tiny Oooju is.

Together at the Getty Center: We discovered the Family Room when I needed to breastfeed Oooju. We ought it was like a lounge/family bathroom. We had no idea it was an artsy funhouse for kids.

First time bonding together in the Baby Hawk: This is when I found out that Nate didn't know how to tie knots. He says he never passed the knot tying badge as a boyscout.


Anonymous said...

That daddy is fucking HOT!

Karen said...

oh yes, he's so hot, i think i want to have his baby. oh wait, i did.

Anonymous said...

you guyz dont have ne comments so u have to leave em yourselves haha

ne ways..
wow..he looks so different in these pictures from how he looks now!

Jane said...

the pix of nashun-opah and Duff's first mtg is HI-larious! definitely captures nashun-opah's silliness.

NASHUN-opah! what the hell!?! you can't tie a knot?

Karen said...

why can't we leave our own comments. this blog is a two-way dialogue. got it!