Monday, September 24, 2007

Oooju's the Gerber Baby!

A couple of old ladies were looking at Oooju and commented that he looked like the Gerber baby. I think the Gerber baby is adorable so it made me really happy. However, I have to admit that most of the time, Oooju does not look like the Gerber baby (just check out the pictures in the other posts). But here, I think he does. Way to go Oooju!


Anonymous said...

wow i can totally see the resemblance that a girl's shirt he's wearing

Jane said...

the previous comment is funny! is that nashun-opah??

yea, i think he does look like the gerber kid. hmm - maybe you should put him in commercials and start that college fund now!

after all, being a master musician ain't gon' be cheap!

Karen said...

i think the previous post is from grace. at first, i couldn't tell if it was you or grace. after reading your ghetto ass post, it's obvious who's who.

Jane said...

dude, un-nee! i showed my mom the pix of duff and she says that she wants to see an original, korean-style, full monty frontal pix "ooju". she says that's what you do for the baek-il (100 days). make it happen. hey, ooju rhymes with soju!

Anonymous said...

yea its from me the yeh puhn go-mo

why arent our pictures with dr oooju on here..?