Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Stuff on my baby

We think it's totally fun to put things on Duff and take pictures. The idea to get a series of photos came from the book "Stuff on my Cat." I would love to link to amazon so you could see the book, but unfortunately, I don't know how to do that yet.
But once I learn, watch out cuz I will go hyperlink crazy.


Judy said...

baby duff looks just like nate!
he seems to be a real easy going baby , allowing you to place all that stuff on him. it's kinda cute&funny.

super cute baby!

Jane said...

o, how's my li'l man doin'!? dude, you need to put up the ones where he's givin' da finga - da middle. and what the hell is that video, un-nee!!?!!

Jane said...

good start with da blog. grace got some photos, if you want em. i'm sure, tho, that you have plenty!

Karen said...

yeah, i'm still trying to get a really good picture of him flipping us off. the other day while breastfeeding, he was giving me the finger the whole time.

Katie said...

Hahahaha. My favorite is the packing tape.