Friday, December 19, 2008


A week ago, I sent my friend Sachiko some Japanese treats. She lives in Newport, Oregon so it's hard for her to find Japanese stuff. One of the things I sent her was Dorayaki and she reminded me that it is Doraemon's favorite food. While living in Korea (where I met Sachiko), Doraemon was my favorite character. But I never had Dorayaki before. I gave Oooju some and while he was eating it, it struck me that Oooju kind of looks like Doraemon. You can decide for yourself. Anyways, turns out Doraemon has been appointed Cultural Ambassador of Japan. So now, I have a new goal: Together with Doraemon, make the world a cuter place!


Judy said...

i see a similarity.

Karen said...

thank you judy. finally someone can see what i'm saying. i'll post the harold and the crayon pics for more comparisons and i have some other specail look-alikes.