Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Clippers Game

Our friend Mike hooked us up with some Clippers tickets. He's the media director over at the Staples center. Somehow, Mike got the camera man to film us during a timeout. It was crazy: I just looked up and saw us on the big screen so I started screaming and pumping my fists and Nate got up and started jumping up and down. We must have been on the screen for a good minute because my voice was sore afterwards. We also got to see the big man--Yao Ming. We were pretty close to the court so I walked down to take a picture of Yao. After I took the first picture, the usher told me I could only take one. But when I saw how crappy it was, I pleaded to get another shot, and he looked like he was about to give in, but then some chick came up and told me to go back to my seat. Anyways, we were there, the clippers won, and we had a crazy fun time.