Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Grace's B-day

We hosted my cousin Grace's birthday at our house. I made the food and let me tell you, it was goooood. I was so proud of myself. No one thought I could actually cook. On top of the birthday celebration, we had a white elephant gift exchange with crazy rules. In order to steal a gift, you had to frog leap over the person or down a beer in 10 seconds. But all the gifts were pretty booty and I think most of us used the gift receipts to go get something else. Here, I was presenting Grace with her b-day gift and Lucas just swooped in and tried to take it for himself. what a joker. Below is a video of Oooju and Lucas sharing pasta and Lucas' milk together. They're just so cute.


Jane said...

dude, they were straight grubbin! unee, the pasta was really good - yummy! thanks again for the party and the fun white elephant! i still need to return the coloring book - hee hee!

Karen said...

i'm glad you and the kids loved the pasta. and keep the book and unleash some creativity.