Sunday, August 3, 2008

Oooju Loves to Talk

After he got the hang of walking, Oooju went back to babbling like crazy. I wish some child development specialist or psychic could figure out what he's saying. The other day, he was trying to open a door but couldn't and it sounded like he was cursing. It was in his tone, his hand motions, everything. But, we'll have to wait till he can actually start talking to see what he's got to say. The first video is of him talking on this toy phone. He has a hard time getting the phone to his ears, so sometimes, he'll put it on his eye. The second video is of him talking with my cousin Jisook's soon Tommy. They got along so well and really understood eachother.

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Anonymous said...

Hi. So glad that you come korea..
Oooju is so cute..^^(eric)